So, you’ve accumulated too much stuff.

You’re not alone! We have the extra space you need. Our professionally managed, state-of-the-art Salem storage facilities have everything you need safe, clean, dry, and affordable storage. eAsi Self Storage even sells moving supplies to make the process that much easier.

Salem’s “BEST” Self Storage

Our Salem self-storage facilities offer exactly what you need: space that’s clean, secure, dry, and affordable. Both eAsi Self Storage facilities, located between Salem and Lynn, are safe and well-lighted. You provide the lock and hold the key, and only give us access if you want to. You can even reserve a unit online! Plus, we have 8 sizes to choose from—all with incredible 10-foot ceilings. And when you need boxes and other moving supplies, we can take care of you right on site.

The “BIG” Question

How much space do you need? We are very experienced at assessing customer’s needs. We deal with this situation everyday. It is a good idea to visit to see how the facility is maintained. Our facility offers 10 ft. ceilings that allow you to store more. The following chart can be used as a general guideline:

5×5 25 small closet pick-up
5×10 50 walk in closet cargo van
5×15 75 large closet 14′ truck
10×10 100 small bedroom 16′ truck
10×15 150 large bedroom 24′ truck
10×20 200 single garage 24′ truck
10×25 250 large garage 26′ truck
10×30 300 1 1/2 car garage 30′ truck